An Island Expert by Your Side

Originally drawn to the island chain by the beauty of the water and the promise it held to allow for a brief respite from her corporate life in Washington D.C., Elizabeth Jolin visited Islamorada in 1997 with a plan to simply stay for a few days to refresh her mind and spirit.  Twenty-five years later, she finds herself fully committed to the love affair she sparked  with the Florida Keys from the beginning!

She has spent the better part of her career in the Keys as a captain with the Bay and Reef Company. Having escorted hundreds if not thousands of folks to experience the magic of what is in, on, and under the water, Ms. Jolin has spent a lifetime sharing the beauty and wonder of what makes wild places worthy of exploration.

Her work on the water, helped spur her to co-found Florida Bay Forever and Florida Bay Forever Save Our Waters, two advocacy groups dedicating to preserving the Florida Bay and island coastal resources.

A Natural Progression

As an expansion of her work as a captain and environmental advocate, Elizabeth Jolin has expanded the Bay and Reef Company services by offering her expertise to help existing and future clients find the perfect home in the Florida Keys.  She is committed to the community and the island way of life, giving her a unique perspective on investing in the island chain.

Her intrinsic curiosity and growth mindset allows her to work to understand her customers needs and match them with a perfect island home.  Having made her own investment to live, work, and raise her daughter in the Keys, she understands the gravity of the decision making process.

A Smart Island Equity Match

Elizabeth Jolin is honored to work with Island Equity Real Estate – recognizing the brokerage as one that is made up of agents working as a team; pooling resources to make every agent transaction flawless.  By pooling expertise in negotiation, insurance, foreign transaction, banking, and international transactions, it allows all Island Equity Real Estate agents to successfully negotiate and conduct consistently successful transactions.

Next Steps

Whether you’re selling or buying, Elizabeth Jolin would like to learn more about you and your needs and goals. You can count on her to work hard to earn your trust and help you reach a successful conclusion to your desires.

Contact Elizabeth Jolin to let her know how she can help you.